If you are reading this, you are most likely interested in experiencing the wonderful world of Lashes. Many of my clients claim that Eyelash Extensions have changed their lives and will never go without again! Not only do they eliminate time spent in the morning putting on eye makeup but it can reshape your eyes and give the illusion of lifting! There are many different kinds of Eyelash Extensions. Speaking with an experienced licensed Eyelash Profession will help you decide what is best for your specific needs.

Unfortunately many woman have had quite the opposite experience and are nervous about having someone apply Eyelash Extensions again. The sad truth is that many technicians are not well educated and are looking to make a quick buck. It takes many years with a lot of additional education to perfect these techniques to apply these beautiful additions! I have three certifications for eyelash extensions and over 5 years experience and am always looking to team up with other professionals to further educate myself. There are new techniques and improvements it seems every year.

You can usually pick the professionals out from the ones who just want your money. Please do not go into your local nail salon! Most technicians there aren’t licensed and use very low quality products ex. Crazy glue! Yikes! We’re talking about your eyes! You can expect to spend a good 1.5-2 hours for a FULL set of Classic Eyelashes from an amazing technician. Each individual lash has to be isolated and applied 1 mm away from the skin. If applied correctly you shouldn’t be able to feel them. You can expect to come in for a refill every 3-5 weeks. Everyone is different and it also depends on the type of lashes. You never have to remove them being they grow out with your natural lashes.

Please do your research when choosing a Professional. Now come and enjoy the amazing lash world!! ?