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Lash Training Classes

Classic Lash Training

Classic lash course consists the art of applying 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash safely. This is course is required prior to an advanced technique course as well as the volume course.

Group Training Class (8-10 Students Max)
Classic Lash Certification Course|
Westchester, NY


Upcoming Class Dates:

Volume Lash Training

Volume Lash Certification teaches the Volume Technique, traditionally known as Russian Volume and otherwise referred to as 2D, 3D, etc. Our Volume Certification teaches the art of applying 2 or more lash extensions to 1 natural lash safely and masterfully.

Group Training Class (6-8 Students Max)
Volume Lash Certification Course|
Westchester, NY


Upcoming Class Dates:

What’s included in class:

Starter kit
Facial bed will be provided

Enrollees are responsible for finding a live model


Check with your state’s Cosmetology Board to understand the state requirements for someone to perform lash extensions –

*State of New York requires you to have a esthetician license or cosmetology license. Prior to class you must provide the license number and state you are licensed in.


The demo will be done first on the morning of training, followed up with hands on models. Please make arrangements with one of them prior to class.The demo will take approximately one hour. Be sure to set up your station before you leave so you can start right away.
Demo Checklist

Mini consultation (Determine eye shape) – Proper Sanitation
Patch & tape model –
Tape up eyelids –
Draw shape using sticker –
Show isolation
– Lash Retention
– Aftercare

For Volume:

Show each fanning method, as well as placement and holding the fan in place before letting go –
Basic eye/lash design
Brush through lashes –
Mist, untape, check open eyes –

Both classes are available for enrollment. To learn more, please choose which certification you are interested in below.